How To Lose Weight With Hashimoto's My Top 5 Helpful Weight Strategies For Hashimoto's

Weight gain and the inability to lose weight may be a devastating consequence for many with hypothyroidism. 

Many of you have been asking how to lose weight with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism... 

Here are some helpful strategies for weight management and Hashimoto's

1. Get Your Latest Lab Values

Get your latest lab values for TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 from your doctor. You may have been told that these numbers were “normal”, but sometimes when these numbers are on the outskirts of normal, your metabolic rate may still be impaired making it more difficult for you to burn calories. 

Additionally, new guidelines have redefined the normal range for TSH to be below 3, however, not many labs have implemented this guideline. Your doctor may be using old ranges. 

Most people report feeling well with a TSH between 0.5-2. 0. Remember, thyroid medications are dosed in micrograms, (that is 1/1000 of a milligram), sometimes a teensy increase in the dose can make a world of a difference. Talk to your doctor.

2. Consider The Type of Medication You Are Taking

Some report more weight loss with T4/T3 combinations (Armour, Nature-Throid, compounded medications) versus T4 medications (Synthroid, Levoxyl, Tirosint) alone. T4 is a precursor to T3, but some individuals do not convert T4 to T3 properly, and the T3 component is the metabolically active one. For more information, make sure to read my article on which thyroid medications are best and my top 11 thyroid medication tips.

3. Consider the Type of Diet You Are Eating

The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) full of sugar and simple carbohydrates is perfectly designed to cause us to gain weight year after year. Even yogurts that are marketed as "healthy" contain the equivalent of 16 teaspoons of sugar! 

I like to think about eating "real food". If it wasn't considered food 200 years ago, we probably shouldn't be eating it now! 

Divorcing the S.A.D. is often a step that many of us must take to not just lose weight, but to also feel better and in some cases minimize or eliminate the immune system attack.

Some Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism diets that have been helpful include the Body Ecology Diet, the Paleo Diet, the Virgin Diet, Autoimmune Paleo Diet, GAPS diet, SCD diet, Weston A. Price Diet, or the Mediterranean Diet.

These diets are meant as a starting point, you may need to modify these diets to fit your own individuality. People with Hashimoto's usually have multiple food intolerances, especially to gluten. 

My advice is to eliminate sugar, processed foods of all kinds, gluten, dairy, corn, rice and other simple carbohydrates. Carbohydrates get stored in our bodies as fat. Instead, focus on eating lots of good meats and vegetables (preferably organic), and good fats like avocados, olive oil and coconut oil. Don't count calories, rather eat until you are satisfied.  After an initial week or two of withdrawal, your body will start to thank you. You will start noticing stomach aches, bloating, acid reflux and fatigue subside. You will also start to lose weight without trying.

4. Consider Taking a Probiotic or Eating Fermented Foods

New research is showing that people who are overweight have an imbalance of bacterial flora in their guts. The particular bacteria found in overweight people extract more calories from food than people who have normal weight! This means you could be eating the same amount of food as your skinny friends, and gaining more weight from it! Probiotics and fermented foods that contain beneficial bacteria may be helpful with balancing your bacterial flora. 

5. Choose a Physical Activity

Choose a physical activity that you will enjoy and continue, such as walking, yoga, swimming, Pilates, running, Zumba or P90X. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it. 

I wish you all the best in your healing journey!

Your Thyroid Pharmacist,
Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharm D.

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Archived Comments

Finally! Here is how it has been. First diagnosed in 1965 with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Treatment for 2 months. Nothing more until 1991 when my TSH was so high that my doctor called me at home from his home. started on T4 only meds and various changes until 1999 with no real improvement; however, my psychiatrist tested for T3 and then talked my primary doctor into putting me on Armour for a six month period to see how I did. the 30+ year history of chronic depression ended within a week! My hair started growing back! My skin improved. My fatigue lessened, but did not totally end. My weight, however, is still a nightmare. I am 5'3" tall and weigh about 290, down from 334. I recently started changing to a low gluten diet and have started eating Greek yogurt. I feel so much better. I will be purchasing your book when our next retirement check arrives. I will be 67 in a month. I want my retirement years to be better than my working ones. Thank you!
I have to say that I loved your post. I too have Hashimotos and my Dr said there was nothing I can do. You have given me hope and I am changing drs tomorrow. Thank you for your inspiration. I am 53 years old and now I have a Pacemaker and kidney disease and I believe I started by being over dosed with Levothyroxine. My level was .28.. Yikes
How many mgs. Are you taking of synthroid
I too have Hashimoto's and Kidney disease and heart problems..Pacemaker has been mentioned...
I have struggled with the same things since birth. What really helped me was switching to the PALEO diet. Your life will completely change. Also the trick is where you can't afford Organic soak the veggies is some vinager and sea salt with water for about 20 min. Trust me. It will at least help cut the pesticides and you will be doing your body great justice by all of the other changes you will be making with paleo :) Best wishes. YOU CAN DO IT!
I'm loving your FB page !! I'd like it though if you added CrossFit to your list of exercises. Why - because it works. I have Hashimotos and have tried all that you have listed .. For three long years. I didn't lose the inches until I did CrossFit! They promote a Paleo lifestyle as well and all the workouts can be scaled down to fit any fitness level.
The most effective way for women too tighten and tone is WEIGHTS...lifting weights 3 x week - muscle burns FAT and muscle takes up less space than FAT - and when ur lifting - for the next 48hrs (onbetween weight training / your body is still burning calories - unlike cardio (which u are only burning while ur doing it) so much has been proven that indeed weights will shrink ur frame yet you will look leaner - so throw away the scales and buy tape measure - and every two weeks measure yourself (first thing in morning) you want compound moves, and minimal rest onbetween sets - any reputable PT should be able too write you up a good programme on this which u can easily do on ur own at local gym. Crossfit is flawed, as you are not working ur muscle too failure - and injuries are common, and you burn less calories at end of each week compared too resistance training - and it's a MYTH that women get bulky - what you EAT makes you bulky (lift heavy - if it doesn't challenge you - increase the weight) I hope this helps
I stop running and spin classes. I have been doing weights balancing my primary and secondary muscles and it has worked for me
That's great for you that Crossfit is working. I have been a Crossfit convert for 4 years unfortunately though it have many benefits weight loss was not one of them. I'm also suffering adrenal problems that I'm sure were exacerbated by doing Crossfit prior to my Hashimotos diagnosis. Under Dr's orders to not do it for a while really miss the awesome community
I love Crossfit. Prior to becoming a crossfitter, I worked out with a personal trainer and ran many miles/ week. Lets just say, I spent a lot of money and time trying to get results. Thankfully, I found Crossfit and body transformed, I'm saving money, having tons of fun and not working out as long as I use to. In regards to injury, I've never been injured in my 3 years of crossfitting but, I did suffer injuries when I was a runner, working on my black belt in karate, and broke my wrist rollerblading. Everything has risk.
She may have left CrossFit off the list due to the cortisol increases it causes. It can be very taxing to the adrenal glands lead to over training and worsening of the Hashi's. Chris Kresser and Robb Wolf discuss this extensively in their research. And it's easy to love CrossFit if you are a person who needs that stress in life trust me I've been there. I'm not sure if that's why it was left off that's just my guess after seeing it happen to my self and clients of mine.
I found a great yoga place that has a variety of classes, including Ballet Barre, which is AWESOME. It builds long muscles instead of bulk. I'm going to alternate this with free weights, yoga and meditation yoga. I think it's all about finding the thing that works for you. BTW, gluten free has been KEY for me. I'm early on in the journey. Despite the scale, I LOOK leaner and less puffy around the ribcage and stomach.
I've done crossfit and true it did help me lose weight but at great health expense - my adrenals are shot from it. Told that hashis patients need to do moderate exercise and xfit can be extreme at times- though I miss it. I had a hashis flare last year so bad that all I could do in a day was xfit then rest had to stop.
I would like to know if you have thyriod problem is it dangerous to take any diet pills? I have heard Garcinia Cambogia is good to get rid of belly fat.
Did you ever get a reply about Garcinia Cambogia & Hashimoto's & MTHFR to get rid of belly fat? Meghan
Not yet! I think its is a difficult combination and both contribute to weight gain. I do cardio, weights, yoga, and swim about two three times a week. The belly fat is resistance. Watched the Thyroid Summit last week and it was very good and show how difficult it is to work with the thyroid gland. I think most doctors don't have the time or understand how to figure it out. You would have to balance all the hormones to get it to work well. With Hashimoto's things change all the time. i just began to walk down this path about two months ago with a integrative medicine doc and they seem to know more then your primary will ever get into. I think it starts with MTHFR that gets the body out of balance and it takes time for you to get the body to change. As you get older your body does not change very quickly. I am off dairy, wheat, corn, soy and there is chemicals in fresh fruit that effect me.. I was eating fresh mango that was already cut up in slices from the store from Mexico and started to sneeze. So there many things that sets things off. I can only do so much, it seems you spend life trying to figure this out. am waiting on a MTHFR SUMMIT next, so I can understand it bettter. I think you will have to do a lot of work on own, the doctors can only do so much. You don't know which part of the DNA is being set off. Has anyone try Coconut Oil and was successful at losing weight. When you are on line they claim it's successful? I don't like the smell or taste of it, but I can use it in a smoothie, or cook with it. I like it on my skin. I have high reverse 3 and getting lower, TPO in 400's and low Vit D and getting better 56 now. Any input?
I went thru an entire 90 day supply of garcinia cambogia and lost no weight whatsoever. Not 1 pound. What a rip off at 90.00 a bottle. Back to diet and exercise!
I'm taking a supplement that has chromium, all B vitamins and garcinia Cambodia. I'm down 28lbs. A size 14 and now a size 8. My cousin lost 100lbs.
Can I skip what supplement your taking.
can you tell me the name of that supplement please
Hi Can you name the supplement please?
please write me about thyroid medicine and garcinia, which one you are taking ect I have only read about people gaining weight on garcinia Help!! my facebook is cathleen cala barber look me up !! please
Carol, what actually are you taking. I'm 60lbs over what I used to be. My husband never makes love to me anymore 3 1/2 yrs now. I don't feel like I'm wanted. He at one time couldn't keep his hands off me, now he doesn't want to touch me . I don't blame him I'm pretty pathetic compared to my old looking self. If you can help please do. I lost my life and can't seem to find it or the old me. Everyone is sick of me complaining even me! HELP......
Carol I seen this post and realized you talked about this back in Sept. 2014 but interested in what you were taking. I am still trying to learn all this. I am just starting gluten-free. It is a challenge but I will get it. I use to take Garcinia but stopped. I could lose some on it but I think the diet I was doing then was fighting the results. I am interested in the supplement that has chromium in it also. thanks
What's that ptoduct?
I wanted to take Garcinia Camboga and read that it actually can cause weight gain if you have a thyroid problem. Has anyone found this to be true?
Is it safe to take ashwangdha pill with synthroid pill
It is. My husbands integrative doctor suggested and he has hashimotos. Helps manage stress, promote restfulfullness.
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto when I was 15, I am now 28. I have been on Synthroid ever since with many changes to my dosage. After I had my 1st child at age 20, my enlarged goiter shrank. I had tried the Garcinia Cambogia after I had me 2nd child at 27, I found that I had a little more energy than before, but did not loose any weight. I did however have to have my synthroid dosage lowered by 50mcg, I was experiencing dizziness almost like hypoglycemia. This disease really takes control of your life and it is difficult to find a good balance and extremely frustrating not being able to loose weight and always feeling so tired! I have not tried adjusting my diet, but that is my next step.
I have been able to lose some weight when I follow an extemely clean diet as described in your book. Unfortunately I am currently having a flareup due to a pain/nerve drug (Gabapentin). It causes weight gain in some people but shortly after going on it my weighted climbed suddenly and my TSH shot up. My antibodies are also high. I got the weight to stop climbing but cannot drop any. My food allergies are up to over 30. What is a good alternative to coconut oil? I would like to try a couple ideas from your book but have a strong allergy to coconut. All the other foods you say to avoid I discovered through allergy testing with a doctor that does allergy testing in my small northern town. I have found that some weights and building muscle DOES help weight loss. However, yoga classes 3or more times a week will build the muscle needed. Walking and cross-country skiing are good.
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 15 years ago. I can't find a doctor that will treat it, they only want to treat my hypothyroidism. I'm curios about being on Gabapentin. I've been taking it at night to calm my restless leg syndrome and right now I'm at my heaviest ever. I never thought it could be contributing.
Hello - I am interested in the recommendation to take probiodics. How much and.or what kind? Ditto for biotin? How much per day?
Hi Marcy! Email me I'll tell you what I've found to help me :)
I to am interested in taking probiotics and biotin. Would like to know which kinds and dosage. Thanks
Said email to see what helped u
I use prescript assist probiotic and has worked amazingly well for me after trying many brands for last 5 years.
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, In 2005I believe thst was the year,,, I had totally went down hill since then,,,FATIGUE BECAME MY WORSE ENEMY, FROM.A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER TO.DRAGGING ,AT TIMES CRYING, MY PLATE WAS FULL.!!!! I felt at times I was gonna die and at times wish I would,,,I was taking out of work ,do to I just couldn't get better at the rate I was going,,, I have had every dignosed that all.of you had and just as many mental disorders too,,, I have know idea where to go from here,,,,,
Hi, Michelle: I was recently diagnosed and your post reads exactly like mine...except I also have an infant baby, I work full time and I am a single mom. I live this every day and it sounds like you do too. I have always been a very strong and independent person and now I am the polar opposite. Please know that you are not alone - one thing that has helped me is to get to know me better - I have started taking time to myself - read a book I have wanted to read - and take as long as I want to do it. I sit around and watch tv and play with my daughter. I find ways to make me comfortable in the moment - thinking too far ahead is very very overwhelming. Good luck to you - pray too - I do. L
I have Hypothyroid, not sure about Hoshimoto's at this point. (unless I'm missing something here?) Waiting for tests, as most MD's want you to change medication then be tested. They don't listen to what you're telling them. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner myself. The one thing I keep hearing & reading everywhere is about weight gain. I have weight LOSS, and it isn't changing. I'm supposed to be the 'expert' on pain. For the last six months every single morning I awaken in extreme pain, it is localized. I use a combination of Frankincense and Myrrh oils. One drop each into the palm of my hand and onto the spot. Done, but again I think it's related to the thyroid. I didn't see anything on here about pain, it isn't an inflammation. First diagnosis was in 2008, it took until last month to get a specialist. Many of the things mentioned outside of food etc, are not mentioned here. I have insurance, not everything is covered in the way of 'labs', or the doctor insists you 'don't need them'? I've ordered your book. And thank you for your time. I just want to feel like me again, glad I'm not 'crazy'~ Cheryl
Cheryl: You're not alone & not crazy! Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I've had back pain that requires I not sleep flat at night and occasional extreme joint pain. I finally got my doctor to test reverse T3 & antibodies this week, hoping for results next week. I'm anxious to see what they say so I have a better idea of where to start with my healing journey!
Cheryl: You're not alone & not crazy! Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I've had back pain that requires I not sleep flat at night and occasional extreme joint pain. I finally got my doctor to test reverse T3 & antibodies this week, hoping for results next week. I'm anxious to see what they say so I have a better idea of where to start with my healing journey!
Cheryl: You're not alone & not crazy! Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I've had back pain that requires I not sleep flat at night and occasional extreme joint pain. I finally got my doctor to test reverse T3 & antibodies this week, hoping for results next week. I'm anxious to see what they say so I have a better idea of where to start with my healing journey!
You're not alone & not crazy! Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I've had back pain that requires I not sleep flat at night and occasional extreme joint pain. I finally got my doctor to test reverse T3 & antibodies this week, hoping for results next week. I'm anxious to see what they say so I have a better idea of where to start with my healing journey!
I had my thyroid removed about a year ago, since then I've gained about 60 pounds. I am on levothyroxine 125. It is impossible for me to loose weight. I am going to try to do the eliminate of certain foods. What about organic fruit? does this count as sugar also? Do you think I would do better on Armour?
I had my thyroid removed and have gained so much weight and they cannot get my dosage adjusted, it has been 2 years! Please let me know how you are doing.
I was having no luck maintaining my weight on Levothyroxine, and my energy level was in the crapper. I switched my Levo for armour thyroid, and I feel about 15% better. I also take a tsp of coconut oil in my coffee , whick provides the medium chain fatty acids, that are sorely lacking in the hypothyroidic body. Unfortunately, I have to stop taking garcinia cambogia, which was helping me lose weight, but was interfering with the absorption of the thyroid meds. I hope this helps!
You need t3 too. If you dont have a thyroid you need a pill.
I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos , TSH levels are real low suffering of weight gain and unable to loose , I am so frustrated not knowing what to do next
I totally agree with this article. I changed to Armour thyroid and started doing Paleo AIP and I lost 20 lbs in two months with a low amount of exercise. I try to walk 3 miles 3-4 times a week. Best changes I've mad for my self.
Coral. I did my own research when I couldn't take the chemical replacements? Why I was allergic to them who knows? They made me sick. I found Armour Thyroid and finally found a Doctor who would prescribe them for me and its been an amazing turn around for me. There are thousands of people who cannot take the chemical replacements and the doctors keep scratching their heads wondering why but won't do anything about it ..I tell everyone one I know about Armour Thyroid.
I started the Paleo diet about 6 weeks ago. I have not even been exceedingly strict, allowing myself an occasional cheat, but I have lost 11 lbs! I am so happy and feeling great. I am not counting calories, just eating/snacking on real foods when I am hungry. I am supporting local farmers with meat & produce CSA's, and just added raw milk into my diet. This seems like a HUGE accomplishment to me, because I have NEVER been able to lose weight on traditional diets. I am loving my new, paleo cookbooks!
Charlene, What paleo cookbooks are you using? I am planning to switch my entire family to paleo and wondering what everyone likes so far. There are just so many cookbooks out there I would like some suggestions as to where to start!
Against the Grain by Danielle Walker. Best cookbooks I've ever purchased for paleo.
I have Hashimoto and I am on levoxyl 137mcg. I am also on a low dose of prempro for hot flashes and menopausal changes. Weight is a problem too. Are there special considerations for Hashimoto with menopause?
My biopsy came back with this interpretation: Right thyroid lobe FNA compatible with chronic fibrosing thyroiditis. There is no evidence of malignancy. Antibody tiers recommended. Close follow up recommended. My endo Dr. never even mentioned it. Just said keep up with my Levo and wrote Rx for some tests to bring back in 6 months. (i can't read his writing so I don't know what tests) I looked that up on the internet and now kind of panicky! Should I do anything or am I over reacting?
I was on Synthroid for more than 3 years and felt horrible. But now I am on Armour and have the strength to exercise. I am losing weight slowly but surely. When I stopped gluten and sugar my weight just plummeted down. So for weight loss if you have Hashimotos, the best thing is Armor, and then exercise, no gluten or sugar. It's a lot to ask, but it brings results and energy.
I was just diagnosed with hashimotos. Now Can I relieve the pain and lose weight?
Izabella Wentz, PharmD In my experience, people with Hashimoto's often have a combination of food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, gut infections, adrenals issues and an impaired ability to clear toxins. Any of those things would prevent a person from getting better. I have a list of lab tests that can be done in my Testing" chapter of my book. I will also be doing a Finding Your Root Cause" workshop sometime in the next few months. Please join my newsletter if you would like to be notified about it. I also post new research and resources almost on a weekly basis
I'm really hoping you can help suggest what might be the best thing for my 15 year old who as she gained weight this past year, I was shocked to see she had gained a large amount of stretch marks. Hips, inner thighs(a lot) along with the back of her thighs under her bottom, also her calves, breasts-just a little. I posted about her hypothyroid, MTHFR issues, insulin/carb genetic issues, and other issues, but I don't know where it went. I'm hoping since she is still young and the stretch marks are recent, somehow we can help try to heal her skin as much as possible. I've heard they may never go away, but I believe she can still heal them significantly with the right things? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
How do I get your news letter.
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I have Hashimotos. I am on on Armour thyroid meds. I am 54 and do not take any estrogen even though I had a hysterectomy because I have learned that most of us store plenty of estrogen in our fat. My ND has me on natural progesterone cream (Emerita) sold over counter which taken at night helps with sleep, hot flashes and has helped me lose weight (10 pounds in 1 month)She told me NO more gluten and little dairy and no refined sugar...I use honey. She also said that most of us are deficient in Vitamin D3. I take 1 -10,000 iu daily and a B complex Vitamin. She told me to eat 4 Brazil nuts daily for the Selinium and also daily Magnesium. So far so good!
Do you need a prescription for armour ?
Hi, Iam 48 now, what is armour thyroid medication? Iam vegetarian Im trying to lose weight I take Synthroid 175
Hi Cindy, Armour Thyroid is considered pig thyroid. My Dr. Just took me off because she said it is not a consistent drug such as the amounts in the meds that help the thyroid.
WOW is the first word that comes to my mind to describe your services. They're outstanding and besides the fantastic results I got from my spell, I have to thank you for your patience with me and for always replying to my emails. From all the spellcasters I tried you definitely are the best from all points of view. Thank you! Doc
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism is 2002. I don't know if I have Hashimotos. After being on Levothyroxine since then I decided, with the help of my GP, changed to a more natural Armorthyroid five weeks ago. I'm 63, haven't had a period since I was 55 and have never had any menopausal symptoms. Within three weeks of starting Armorthyroid, I was launched into a raging menopause, with night sweats, fatigue, and terrible hot flashes. I've been back on my Levoxyl for two weeks and am hoping my symptoms disappear!
Please keep in mind that every BODY is different and sometimes it can take time to see results. The formula that worked for me may not work for others. It's your life and your body! I read Dr. Wentz's book right when it came out. I changed doctors, gave up gluten, had my meds upped. I take a crazy number of supplements now, but losing weight is far easier now and I am much happier. I take a special folic acid and B supplement because I have issues converting (methylation). Had I not found my excellent doc who tested for it, I wouldn't be where I am now. Advocate for yourself - you can feel better!
Nancy who is your doctor and where do you live (state)?
I live in the Keys and would drive as far North as Fort Lauderdale for a good Hashimoto specialists. Any suggestions?
I have done all those things and still have trouble losing anything. Very discouraging! I wish there was something that would really help.
I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos and my doctor is not wanting to treat with women at this point because my TSH is still considerably low 2.9 he believes if I begin taking medication now that I will actually becomes Sicker before I become better. So at this point I have been rapidly gaining weight and very fearful of gaining more, I have no energy at all, I'm losing my hair and I have lost my putter eyebrows, skin is extremely dry and crackedand I do have a gluten intolerance Is diet change alone going to be good enough? I also suffer with severe fibromyalgia and find it very painful to do any chore or necessary activity. the medications I take for that cause severe inflammation and swelling so it feels like I'm going in circles without any improvement.
I would start with going gluten free and exercising as best you can. Also, have your D levels checked out. It makes a huge difference.
Vicky please text or email me!!! I can help you! 253-332-0295
Hi Izabelle! Thank you so so much for sharing the fruits of your intensive research! I was told that freezing, then toasting 21-grain bread far reduces its gluten content. is that true? if this is the only gluten in my day, is that still healthy? i can not find an internet source to look up/compare gluten contents. do you have any resources to recommend? thanks bunches, tricia
Gluten is the protein found in certain grains. (ie wheat, barley, rye and any hybrids of those grains) One cannot do anything to reduce the amount of gluten in an item that contains gluten. (Unless you burn it to ashes) There are plenty of gluten-free breads out there that are good. You might find a few in the freezer section because these breads are normally more brittle than the ones with gluten and they tend to have a shorter shelf life. I hope this helps, best wishes and good luck!
I thank you for sharing this exact nice information. I always want reading valuable contents about "lose weight with hashimotos"..... You must everyday exercises this will drop your overweight faster.........
My hair is thining out and my skin soo! Dry I must use lotion or I start itching from dry skin help would be great
By the way, I have read your entire book front to back and have taken notes filling an entire notebook! I've finally stopped "playing doctor" myself at the request of my husband. So I am looking for someone to guide me on this journey.
Hi, my name is Sandy and I have a pituitary tumor, hypothyroid, and Hashimoto's disease. I'm a RN and I see my primary doc, endocrinologist, a neurologist for my tumor, and a psychiatrist. I have put on 60 pounds in 3 yrs. I was very active, power walked 3 miles daily, worked with a personal trainer 4 times a month, occasionally went to the gym and did wt. resistance exercises, and aerobics. I was really happy ,looked great, felt great, then my life changed for the worse. I still work as a nurse, actually the only thing that feels ok in my life. My co-workers help me the most. Thank You! I work three 12 hr shifts and have 4 days off, which I sleep the majority of them. I am depressed, I have no energy, lost my friends because I don't do anything with them anymore, so I quit communication with them. They don't seem to understand. I got news for them I don't either! I need help. I've tried all kinds of meds and see doctors weekly. Nothing is helping. Like I mentioned I'm a nurse and educating the patients is a big priority. I don't get that with my doc's. Medication not working so well. I'm open for any helpful advice. I truly don't want to sleep my life away. I have all the symptoms that I have read about, not fun. I have little or no contact with my best friend of 37 yrs. I want to say I miss me too, my friend. My boys are grown with families of their own, which is great. I have 8 perfect grand kids, which I love more than life. They are my world. So thankful for them, I feel there love and need for me, as I do for them. My poor husband watches me sleep and drift further away from the world. My friends and most of my family doesn't like my husband. We have had 2 situations of my husband over medicating himself and 911 was called. Most everyone I know dislikes him, however if not for him watching over me closely, I may not be here. Thanks to my sister, husband, and grand kids for not judging me. I only have the right to look in the mirror and judge myself. I or anyone else has not the right to judge other people. Look in the mirror if you want to judge and put blame. What I need from them is support and understanding of me and my medical situation. My greatest joy is the special things my grand kids say to me. " grandma Sandy please don't stay away so long next time, cause I missed you so much" as tears rolled down his precious check. That comment saved my life. Thank you Gage. I now make myself get up at least once a week and spend time with them. Is there anyone out there who understands? I want the old me back too. I live in my bed. Please help me find myself.
Oh I understand. I swear I wrote this. Minus I am not an RN. I am still unable to work. I had a baby 2 years ago and have had 4 surgeries. Diagnosed with Hoshimoto's. My friends all abandoned me.
Sandy, don't give up. I felt the same way. I slept away about half my son's life. He is 14. Been on synthroid or some form for ever but never got better. I found a endocrinologist. I have been to other endocrinologist but this one listens. Not just to the blood work but to my symptoms! She had to put me on a compound because of my lack of energy and muscle pain. I am a different person!! I still struggle. I go to her every 3 months but she hopes to stabilize things so it can be every 6 months. Keep looking! Find that right Dr. They are out there!
I relate to your post very much. You may get some answers with genetic testing. Changing my source of B vitamins, going on a low histamine / low sulfur diet, and detoxing with infrared light and ionic foot baths in response to what was learned from my genetic information is turning things around for me.
I've had Hashimoto's since I was now 41. I also have Diabetes Type 1(well controlled). I've never been on any medication for Hashimotos. I have three beautiful girls, and have had no symptoms of Hypothyroid until this past year. My endocrynologist says my labs are normal(TSH 2.23, Free T4 .09), but low B-12. I've been getting monthly shots of B-12, but have classic symptoms of Hypo. Losing hair, dry skin, brittle nails, tired, and weight gain. Not only did I gain 20 pounds in a year, but I am not eating any gluten or dairy, and keep my calories at 1200 a day with tennis twice a week, and weight lifting 2 more days. I can't lose an ounce, where I used to be able to lose at least a pound a week doing the same thing. I actually think I'm still gaining!! Please help, feeling helpless!!
Cheryl F. So sorry to read your post. I totally understand your frustrations. I feel hopeless also. My husband even thinks I'm over reacting. I can't even find the energy to get out of bed unless it's to visit the grand kids or go to a Dr.' s appointment. I started to see a natural Dr. that understand our situation. I sure hope she can help cause I haven't any other place to turn to. I often leave and stay in a hotel just to cry myself to sleep. I give you big credit for even exercising. I have absolutely no life left in me or hope as you have read in my previous post. Please feel free to e-mail me at Believe me I understand and am so sorry. Question for you, do you have severe depression also? I live in Oregon. Will say a prayer for the both of us. If you would like to talk just ask for my number. Good luck!
How is someone with hypothyroidism supposed to have the energy for PX90? I can barely walk up the stairs.
Hi Beata, I get it, however know one else seems to. It takes all my thought and energy to even get to work let alone even think of going. My mind knows I should break the vicious cycle, however my body seems to stay in bed. I got into an argument with my husband because he says I'm too miserable and judgemental. I'm sure he's tired of me being sick, well so am I... I just needed him too hold me. I guess he didn't want to, cause it never happened. Even when I asked several times. He has told both my boys and best friend of many years what he thought of them and it seems he has turned into them with his holly then though attitude. I'm in the spare room. He is retired/disabled and gets to stay home and do whatever his little heart desires, which isn't much cause of his back. My boys refuse to let there kids come to the house because of hateful things he has done or said to them and about there families. So I guess I'm trying to say is what do we do about our disease? I'm so depressed along with every other symptom in the book that I cry most of the time. I seem to find energy for that. He has been known to self medicate himself for his back, which in two situations has made my problems with my boys even worse. Which has validated there decision not to allow my grand kids around him. Today I work a 12 hr shift after 3 Dr. Appointments. What's a girl to do in our situation? I feel your pain. It's like know other. I feel like my only comfort I find is alone in my bed. Pretty sad! I'm a big help. SORRY!
I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Hypothyroid when I was 15 years old, I am now currently 31 and I am in the best physical shape of my life even through my Hashimotos not being dormant. Last month I was measured I am 5'4" 126lbs and 15% Body Fat!! FOOD HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH HOW YOU FEEL. And LIFT!!!!! I truly believe that if you take supplementation and eat the right foods and right portions and lift 3-5 times per week you can achieve what you want your body to look like!! Don't give up!!!
You know I have had a thyroid problem for years. I have tried next to everything to try and take off weight but to no avail. Recently I have noticed my eyebrows are disappearing. Anyone have knowledge to this on why this is happening. I am 62 years of age , on synthroid, and looking for help to a solution . I am taking supplements according to Dr. Wentz book could this be a problem?
carol would you please tell me what supplement your taking
We bought a TOTAL GYM years ago for winter months. In the summer I ride my bike and swim laps. My arms are still jiggly and the inside of my thighs are too. I use ankle weights, and do "spot exercises" on the floor. I target the back of my arms with light weight as I have a 4 level cervical fusion, so I cannot go too high. My muscles just are NOT responding to years of consistent exercise and it is very frustrating. I am taking good supplements and tested hormones, cortisol, vitamin D (it was low and now it is fine) and a few others. I am 54, but I see others older, totally TONED. Why is my body not responding anymore? I also added a probiotic and it did make my stomach flat and not "gassy" anymore. I lost weight! 20 lbs over a year, and down 3 sizes. I just cannot get my muscles TONED. I tire easily when I do cardio, even when I ride my bike, every other day. I never build up to doing more. Now the ride has been cut down, and I am exhausted when it is over. I usually take an hours nap, an hours after I am done, My cervical fusion is definitely affecting the "intensity", but some is better than none, so I will just keep going. My blood pressure is up too, and that is weird for someone who is consistent. YES, I eat a good diet, mostly protein, fruits and asparagus is my favorite. Barely a carb in my world and I drink nearly a gallon of water a day!
Hi Anne, I am turning 60 next week and feel as you do. My weight has stayed close to 112 lb (I am 5 ft) I lift weights 3x/week, walk or do a stepper, but the flab around my middle won't go away. I eat very clean but do drink red wine every night. I know I will have to do something different but doubt that I could ever have that toned middle that some women have. Taking T4 (levo) and T3 (cytomel) and numbers look good but still do not have the energy I used to have.
Hi there! This was a great article! Thank you for all your suggestions. I have hypothyroidism and Hashi's and have implemented all but the exercise due to constant fatigue. But I am determined to push on. I have a full time job, but I now have to work from home, only going in occasionally as I don't have the energy to get ready even once I've gotten my daughter off to school. I MISS PEOPLE! And no one understands! I think the thing that drives me crazy the most is the "ADD" that I seem to be constantly fighting and if something happened more than 5 minutes ago, forget it I can't remember the details, have also gotten lost going home from the grocery store which is a total of 3 turns so my neurologist doesn't want me driving much.... I am also struggling with weight loss after gaining 35 pounds in just one year. My regular doctor put all my symptoms down to getting old. Not an acceptable diagnosis. He didn't find my hypothyroidism or my Hashimotots, both were found by naturopaths. I found an awesome naturopath who has put me on WPthyroid and it has helped quite a bit. My TPO was 593 and my vit D level was at I'm on 12 different supplements, but am having a hard time with all the different times I have to take everything some with food some 4 times a day on an empty stomach. I am researching recipes on line for AIP paleo (AIP = auto immune protocol) and trying to incorporate these into my daily diet. I miss my coffee creamer......not even full fat coconut cream with date paste is close to what I like in my coffee. :( Hoping once I implement my exercise plan I can drop some weight. So far with just the supplements alone and new medication I am feeling better and I've lost about 5-7 pounds over the last month. Hang in there. With patience with yourself and being kind and good to yourself and your body you can LIVE again.
What diet is recommended for vegetarians? I'd like to try cutting out gluten and dairy, but since i don't eat meat, that doesn't leave me with much to eat.
I've had Hashimoto's for 10 years but was always diagnosed as hypothyroid until we moved and switched to a new doctor. I've been working with her for a year now and it's been enlightening! We switched to Armour but that turned out to be a bust because my body flared up again due to how much it looked like regular thyroid hormones. We switched back to Levo and added T3 to spice things up. I don't gain weight anymore so now we're working on how to lose it. Turns out there are other foods that look like gluten as well which can cause inflammation (corn, potatoes, milk, yeast, chocolate, soy, egg, rice.) We also did a micro nutrient test which also did a genetic test where we figured out I have a problem with the MTHFR gene responsible for making an enzyme the body should be producing to take in nutrients. Mine runs at 60% capacity. It turns out this is a common problem in people with autoimmune problems. We are working on getting my nutrients back up (because they were awesomely low) so my body can start functioning correctly to even consider losing weight. If your body is low on nutrients, you can potentially completely deplete whatever stores you have left by exercising and make the problem much, much worse! We also did a food allergy test (with blood, not a scratch test) which officially cut out wheat, eggs, and dairy among a few others. Next on our list is a food sensitivity test to finally cut out the last bits of stuff we aren't aware of. Adrenals are an issue as well, so, another work in progress. I can say after all the changes I'm doing phenomenally better than I was a year ago! Hope this helps somebody!

Wish I could be so luck. Unfortunately I find that cardio is the worse thing I can do to lose weight. It seemed the harder I tried and the more I dieted and exercised, the more weight I gained. It wasn't until I met someone who also has Hashi's and she told me that low calorie diets and cardio actually puts your body under stress which causes it to hold onto fat. She recommended a "clean" paleo diet and yoga/pilates alternated with weight bearing exercises for no more than 15 min per day x 4 days a week.... I saw results for the first time in decades!!

Aloha Joy.. I read with interest your post. Last year at this time I weighed barons 160.. 5'4. In October 2014.. My afib, tachycardia and bradycardia just got so bad that they placed a pacemaker. I thought the overnight weight gain was due to warfarin, diltiazem and now propafenal but I think it's my hadhimotos and a reading of 25.9 on my TSH.. I think it's a combination of all of it. I'm on levothyroxine and liothronine. I've started going to compounding pharmacy hoping that would help. So have you been able to lose weight and feel better yet? Hoping you are doing better. Take care Judi

I am in 100% agreement with you Shelley..been lifting weights for 17 years and at 65 years young, lean, tight, and defined. Paleo works for me..plants, animals and good oils. Medications don't do much to make me feel better but lifestyle does.

OMG thank you I feel overwhelmed and relieved at the same time Im not sure I understand but at least I know now Thank you once again for your responses. You are a wonferful person Thank you I will continue to follow you snd do my best to follow your recommendations and will be tsken you to my nevt Doctors vist

You've got to "keep it moving"!

I agree with your statement Brianne. Every machine is unique and responds to different forms of exercise differently. Each of our bodies is also as unique as the events in our lives. For example, in high school I sustained some severe track injuries to my shins. I tried to rehab my legs. but unfortunately running is out for me. We must always take into consideration what our individual bodies are prepared to handle or we could have a horrid set back. And, we need to be very careful in the recommendations of exercise to others. What works safely for me might be a nightmare waiting to happen for my friend. I personally use T-TAPP, yoga, and walk. I also average at around 5,000 steps at my job five days a week. That is me though. I know my machine. Listen to your body. The most important thing you can do is get moving and start with small steps to feel healthier. The stronger you get, the better you will feel.

Cross fit isn't recommended for most with hashi's because many have adrenal fatigue. Extreme exercise can do way more harm than good for those with this condition and can cause the adrenals and thyroid to stress out more and cause weight gain. Cross fit is very extreme, and not safe for most with autoimmune problems.

Carol, What is the name of the supplement you are taking. I would like to try it. I am struggling to loose 30 pounds that I've put on slowly in the past 3 years since I was diagnosed with Hashimoro's. I've tried Paleo, Mediterranean and had always have a very healthy life style as well nutrition before this happened, but now nothing seems to work.

I tried Garcina Camboga and I gained weight I have Hasimoto's

I gained 15 lbs when taking it the first time. I thought maybe it was a fluke so I tried again and gained another 10lbs in 5 days. I had a bad time with it . I have Hashis. The thing that is killing me is that now I have 25 more lbs to try to get rid of and I had 40 beforehand.

I've been taking Garcinia Cambogia every am and have lost no weight nor does it curb cravings. All I want to do is sleep. Can't even work anymore after 20 years in hospital admissions for BH Programs. I loved working. My PCP says I'm in range even though I have all Hashi symptoms. Can you get it after Thyroid Storm then radio iodine? Maybe I'm just Hypo. Tried Cytomel 5 mcg + 100 mcg Levothyroid and felt better but list work Ins now Medi-Cal as I lost my job and career. Clinic will not prescribe T3 meds. They won't run T3 Free, Reverse or Total labs.I'm up to 150 mcg Levo and my hair is falling out when I or brush hair or run hands thru it. It's 30% less than before hyper Thyroid back in 09. My memory is shot. Long term memory is fine. Neuro doc said my memory and recall are above average but I forget appts, forget details or work tasks, etc. I thought it was from the Neuropathy meds, Neurontin and Cymbalta but I've been taking them since 09 so I'm used to them now. At first it made me mix up or say the wrong word as it slows the brain Neuro firing as its an anti epileptic med. Now I'm pretty sure it's my thyroid. I have developed Tinitis 4 years ago and was wondering if it was the nerve damage like I have in feet and hands? Thought I had CMT like my dad, but the Endo says its from diabetes, but I only got that when I was diagnosed with Thyroid D/o. Never had it before 2009. On retinopathy found. I thought DM2 Neuropathy was caused by years if uncontrolled BS? I'm now private paying with my retirement money to see a natural path as my house was tested positive for mold, which we are remediating right now but I tested positive for MSA, an inability to clear mold & toxins thru my liver and now I have protein in my urine. My RBC & WBS are both elivated and my Cortisol was very high now it's very low. My triglycerides ae also very high. I'm 220 lbs and can't lose weight. I'll start on the gluten free diet to see if that helps but I don't have any Celiac symptoms that stand out. I take probiotics every night, take one scoop Coconut oil pellets (Monolaurin) and a good Multi, flax, fish oil, CoQ10, and others and nothing gives me energy! My Vit D is super low even with supplements. I'll see about getting the antibody test, when We see my new Endo in a few days. Any insight would be appreciated! ☺

No No NO NO!!!!!! I cannot stress enough that if you have any thyroid issues, DO NOT take any diet anything!!!! Even if it says, "All Natural". All natural is not always all good for you. I started taking a shake powdered drink that was all natural and almost lost my life to the deep depression I had from it. Anyone with Hashimotos shouldn't even take a vitamin unless told specifically by your blood work that you are low on something. Do not take a multi vitamin ever. Anything that goes into your body has an action and reaction, make sure you need it before you take it.Out of everything in a multi I am down to only D and Magnesium. That's a lot of extra stuff my body did not need. Get your bloodwork done every three months.

thanks for yr comment. my Dr. refuses to believe my weight gain is due to being on levothyroid for 30 yrs. so i keep taking my .75 and a 1K Vit.D because low. I then tried on my own to find the Vitamins? to somehow balance me out. BUT my stomach bloats on most vitamins. What thyroid med to U take?

My endocrinologist told me to make sure to take a multi vitamin especially with selenium. Even in all these blogs they talk about the importance of vitamins .

Extreme appreciation for your post. I absolutely needed your comment today about the action-reaction. I will be checking my blood labs for what is absolutely in low supply now.

T3 Ann! over 20 years on Synthroid with "the best doctor around" felt the same way you do. Tired, fat, depressed, achy. went through so many tests and was told fibromyalgia. WRONG! My primary suggested finding a different thyroid specialist and I did and I have never felt better!!! She cut my T4 in half and added pure T3 derived straight from animals. I was watching what I ate, but not much and in 4 weeks I lost 23 pounds. I never even heard of T3 until I met her. It's only 5 mg of T3 and 175 of synthroid now and I just started seeing her. will have to see what the next blood test shows, but I am in heaven because of her.

Hi Melanie. I wonder if I need T3 as well. I was diagnosed at 27 but my hormones were all normal so I couldn't be medicated. Then, my son was born and boom my body went nuts. Hormones acted up and I started taking levothryroxine. I'm now 30 and my dose just keeps going up every time I have my blood drawn which is about every 3 months. I'm now taking 137 mcgs of levothryroxine. The thing is: when my dose goes up, I feel better for a month or so and then I go right back to feeling like I have the flu on a daily basis. It sucks. I should probably loose about 20 lbs to be on a normal weight but I struggle to lose 1 lb. I started a gluten, corn and soy free diet and I have to admit: I feel a ton better. No weight loss though. I'm eating healthier and exercising but can't lose weight. It is so disappointing. You said you lost about 23 lbs but did you have more to lose? Did you feel any side effects? Thanks

Can you let me know the name if your doctor? Thank you!

Can you please tell me the name of your dr?

Hi Melanie Which state do you live in? I need a good doctor!!!!!

Melanie, could you share how you found your doctor? Would the doc be a thyroid specialist?

I use CVS Senior Probiotics. A lot cheaper than other brands. One capsule per night.

Im in your same boat and Gabe no idea what to do I feel your pain

Hopefully I can help a bit. Look into 'dermarollers' - they cause the top layer of skin to be replaced much more quickly, which will heal stretch marks and other surface damage. The reviews on amazon look good. Anecdote time: my girlfriend went hypothyroid and gained weight very quickly. Now she's on NDT and taking lots of vitamins and is gradually loosing weight - and the stretch marks are going so don't worry they will go in time. I also got stretch marks last summer (I'm not hypothyroid I just eat a lot) but I've lost all the weight I gained and now there is no trace of them. I'm 18 so your daughter's skin should be able to heal too. As soon as she stops gaining weight, or looses some, they will begin to go. And a footnote, NDT is periodically availiable online (amazon) without prescription. This is great for those who have a lousy health service (cough, Britain) and can only get Synthroid or can't get diagnosed because in Britain that requires a TSH of 10!

I am interested in the "Find your root cause" workshop. I actually have been treated for Grave's Disease, with nutrition (my research) and medicine. 4 years ago had radioactive iodine tx. Now, last week TSH is "off" - and my Primary Dr said to see the Endocrinologist now. Hoping it was a fluke; but with recent weight gain and fatigue - there might be something to look into.

My Doctor refuses to put me on Armor I'm on Levothyroxin 88mcg. I take vit D -3 ,E ,Biotin,selenium,coq10, a chewable probiotic .I was on DE a friend said I could loose weight on Diatamous Earth 1 tsp a day in orange juice it made me feel good energized what do you know about DE? I liked it.I heard tons of people's testamonies how they felt wonderful lots of benifits. I Stopped taking it after 2 months got scared .need help I'm 51 years old 245 pounds 5'4 and going though menopause. I'm a cosmotologist 27 years tired of stress .I'm closing down this week and going to work for my husband as his secretary stay home answer phones give more time to enjoy me.go on walks ,ect.just enjoy me.I gave up gluten but cheat. Can't give up my coffee sugar not important drink water and teas only low sugar use truvia.starting Pla Diet.what can you help me on please ordering your book.

Why did you get scared of 1tsp of DE per day? Mine is food grade and I use it for my home and pets. Just curious.

Please send me your newsletter. I have hashimotoes disease....

Armour. Require a doctors order. It is a old thyroid medication. My daughter takes, told I is harder to get so not always carried at pharmacy. That was the last medication given to my daughter. It has worked the longest then levels need to be increased.

I switched to Armour close to a ago now and I LOVE it!!!! I finally feel normal again! Find a doctor that really cares about how you feel and will work with you based on how you feel and not just your numbers.

Brazil Nuts.. not anywhere on my list of likes. Any other selenium food suggestions?

I too have been diagnosed with Hashimotos hypothyroid almost 2 yrs ago. I'm 52 and also suffer from Emphysema, chronic back pain, asthma, osteoporosis, diverticulosis and have one kidney to mention only a few of my problems. I've went from 130 to 204 pounds since about a year before I was diagnosed. The last 50 pounds were gained over the last year. I have an extremely hard time with this weight gain as it makes breathing more difficult with all this belly weight and distention. My hair which was usually so think n shiny has become dry dull and it falls out like a dog shedding. My skin has become so dry that I itch it until I break open the skin. I'm always so fatigued and can sleep for a couple days and when I'm not sleeping I feel such a loss of energy that I stay in bed a lot. I've had 5 surgeries in the last 18 months, 3 of which were on my feet. I've been diagnosed with bursitis in my knees and they have become filled with fluid sacs in multiple areas from the extra burden on them while not using the other leg due to the surgeries. They get so stiff and sore. The more I exercise them the worse they get. I'm ashamed of my weight and I've been severely depressed for quite some time now and I also suffer from anxiety disorder. I take medications for all my medical problems. My husband moved out of our bedroom 1 year ago and he came to me last month and told me he was leaving. I not understanding his statement, asked where are you going to. He promptly came back with I'm leaving you next week and he moved back to his home state over 900 miles away. He took his dog with him which left my dog depressed, not eating, having bad behavior, and crying at the windows. I'm at the bottom of my rope and feel like letting go. I don't have the strength or desire to go on like this. My lung and heart docs told me I need to loose weight. I've been able to lose 9 pounds by not eating over the last months. I truly don't know where to go from here. I just feel like giving up completely but it's not something I want to tell my shrink because I refuse to be locked up in a mental institution. If I could lose weight it would help elevate many of my problems and lift my mood. Anyone please help

What kind of Doctor would request genetic testing AND be able to guide a patient once results arrived? I live near the UofM and they do genetic testing. This feels like a great next step; but unsure how to proceed.

Sandy, I am too an RN but became too but became too ill to work 7 years ago (Hashis and Rheumatoid). First, don't give up!! Besides this great book, check out, Best things I did was start Dessicated Thyroid (Natur-throid) and get on Cortisol (burnt out adrenals with Synthroid and high work stress), Probiotics and DGL. Find what works for you! Work on healing the gut with GAPS diet. Study peoples success stories and find a DR or Naturopath to help you start trying things. There is usually a reason why people do not like husbands and boyfriends...they are usually worried about a behaviour or certain behaviours. It is time for you to Nurse yourself. Don't worry you will replace your friends with nurturing ones who love you in sickness and in health. Remember God adores his sick little daughter. Don't give up. I have a great Dr in Florida his name is Dr Dach. You have to see him once in person and then all of the rest of the visits can be on Skype. I came from Spain to see him and he is the one that recommended Natur-throid. Sending you a big hug from Spain. -Natalie

The outer third of my eye brows, hair and body hair disappeared when I was severely Hypo after radio iodine for Graves Dz. Get your doc to run Free T3 Reverse and Total and check antibodies and Cortisol levels.

Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hashimoto's during my pregnancy 3 years ago. I have panic disorder since 18 years old. I am 36. i was on synthroid even went down to lowest dose and it was literally HELL. I was in a constant state of panic and Xanax wouldn't even help. My weight however dropped within a month but it wasn't worth it. Has anyone else had his happen? What do I do?

I have been using a compounded thyroid medicine and feel so much better. I still struggle with weight but it is usually because I am not eating correctly. I went to Dr. Hotze in Katy and they properly treated thyroid and adrenal issues

Has anyone ever had an issue with not being able to gain weight with Hashimotos? When I was very first diagnosed i was also simultaneously coming off of birth control and I went from 167 pounds down to 140 pounds in a matter of months. I got pregnant and dropped down another 10 pounds but then rebounded and gained an average amount during my pregnancy. I lost all of my pregnancy weight and then some and have gotten down to about 125 pounds. I eat pretty normal but it seems if I gain a couple of pounds and then have a flare for a few days, I lose those few pounds i gained. My TSH is right at 1 or just slightly over. I'm about 5'9" and would prefer to have a few more pounds on me. I just wondered if anyone with Hashimotos had problems keeping weight on?

I HAD HASHIMOTOS THEY took my thyroid and a para thyroid out now how do i lose weight naturally and can i ever quit taking armour and do alternative supplements in stead

I am taking shark liver oil as prescribed by Dr Thompson in Alaska.This he tells me will over time get rid of the thyroid anti bodies. He believes is a crime that Dr's say that Hashimotos is fine and incurable. He has split hypothyroidism into 5 sub categories 4 of which are reversible! I have just started on Armour and Im slowly and i mean slowly loosing :)

My doctor told me that there is no diet pill that will help you lose weight he said to walk, walk and walk more unless you have the stomach sugery and not going to happen!!

IMPORTANT: Thank you so much for continuously shedding light on optimal ranges, Dr. Izabella! I am taking NaturThroid and wondering how this will skew the TSH lab ranges. How far apart should the time be between the rx and getting blood work for TSH? Do you suggest skipping just the one pill for the day that the labs will be taken so as not to get a false reading from the actives in the NT? Any other suggestions/info with timing and labs to get a true reading on our thyroid health? Thanks!

I am 45 and have been on Levothroxine (Synthroid) since I was 13. I am now on 200mcg daily. I have gained 30 lbs in 2 ½ years since I had a Hysterectomy. Does anyone have any recommendations for excellent doctors/practitioners in Los Angeles who are willing to treat the body as a whole rather then just panning out medication?

After reading all of the posts on this thread, I'd like to add my journey to the mix -- not only to commiserate but to help others if possible. I was diagnosed with Graves disease about four years ago. I was first treated with medication in hopes that my thyroid would normalize and I would be "cured". This caused extreme weight gain (60lbs! in a matter of a few months!) Later it was determined that I had antibodies for both Graves and Hashimotos and had been swinging between the two. (UGH!) My thyroid was radiated about 2 1/2 years back. I have to say that compared to hyper symptoms, at first my hypo symptoms (even with the weight gain and sleepiness) were an incredible relief. I have a wonderful and supportive endocrinologist who monitors me pretty carefully. He counseled me about reducing caloric intake, exercise, etc. and even prescribed weight loss drugs to see if that would help with my weight. Nothing seemed to work. That said, a few months back I started feeling pretty bad -- aside from the usual fatigue and weight problems, I couldn't think straight. Though I had been tested only a few weeks before to see if I had developed diabetes (results were negative), I was concerned that I was developing a problem with sugar intolerance. I felt terrible...My doc increased my Synthroid to 150. At the time, I also did considerable research on the internet about diets and eating plans to stave off diabetes. My doc and I had also discussed the use of probiotics, which he thought was worth trying as science is supporting their use. Long story short -- I adopted a low carb strategy (looked at guidelines for diabetics) and started taking a good daily probiotic. It was crazy, but within 24 hours I felt dramatically better. The good news is that, as of today, I have lost 30lbs in three months!!! I don't feel that I am dieting and am not counting calories. Given the dramatic change in how I feel physically, I don't think I'll ever go back to my prior eating habits. It was not particularly difficult for me to adopt a healthier eating plan. I have not completely cut out carbs but reduced them to low levels. An added benefit is that food actually tastes a whole lot better! I have another 60lbs. to lose, but feel confident I'll get there! :-)