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What’s really going on in Hypothyroidism?

Did you know that 95% of those that are hypothyroid may actually have Hashimoto's?

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Solutions to Increase Low Libido in Those with Hashimoto’s

Among the many symptoms of thyroid disease, there is one in particular that significantly impacts people’s relationships and overall happiness, yet it’s a symptom people seldom seek help for: the very common symptom of low libido (low sex drive). In general, libido concerns are something we keep to ourselves. Talking about sex makes us blush and isn’t really …

How Avoiding Soy Can Benefit Hashimoto’s

There is a lot of controversy on the subject of soy — some people believe it’s a cheap, nutritious source of protein, as long as it’s organic or fermented; others believe it’s great for hormone balancing. However, soy may not be good for those with Hashimoto’s — in fact, it may actually be preventing you from healing. Soy blocks the activity of the TPO …

Tasty Thyroid-Friendly Recipes

I was a late bloomer when it came to cooking for myself. It wasn’t until my second year of organic chemistry lab, during my undergraduate studies, when I realized that cooking was a lot like science, and I ventured into baking cookies from very detailed recipes. The cookie baking process reminded me of my five-hour-long experiments in the chemistry lab. …

How Healing a Leaky Gut Can Help Hashimoto’s

Did you know that about 90 percent of all health issues can be traced back to the gut? Making dietary changes and addressing my gut health was the most transformative step I took on the road to my own Hashimoto’s remission. I had been experiencing bloating, stomach pains, irritable bowel syndrome, and acid reflux for quite some time — in addition to …

Food Sensitivities and Hashimoto’s

I first set out to discover lifestyle interventions to help me heal from Hashimoto’s shortly after being diagnosed. My doctor prescribed me thyroid medication. He told me I would be taking it for the rest of my life, and that was the end of the story. Intuitively, I knew there had to be a better way, so I sought out a functional medicine practitioner who …