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What’s really going on in Hypothyroidism?

Did you know that 95% of those that are hypothyroid may actually have Hashimoto's?

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Hashimoto’s Self-Management Program is a patient self-paced course, designed to help Hashimoto’s patients identify and address the triggers of autoimmune thyroid disease.

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Root Cause Recipes

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Top 7 Hashimoto’s Food Myths

Early on in my journey with Hashimoto’s, I realized that my own health significantly improved with the use of nutrition. I had a hunch that I was not the only person that could see improvements in Hashimoto’s with dietary changes, though I wasn’t fully convinced that one particular diet was the answer for every single person. When I began working with …

Which Thyroid Medication Is Best?

In my past life, before I found my life’s calling of helping people with thyroid conditions take back their health as the “Thyroid Pharmacist”, I worked as a consultant pharmacist who was focused on optimizing medications for people with disabilities and the elderly. While my official job title was Consultant Pharmacist, I really felt that the most important …

Nutrient Depletions in Hashimoto’s: Zinc

Many of my readers have reported some of the following symptoms: brittle or white-spotted nails, a tendency to get sick easily, allergies, frequent respiratory infections, an impaired sense of taste and smell, diarrhea, hair loss, impotence, loss of appetite, skin issues, depression, and impaired vision. Are you one of them? Figuring out the root causes of …

4 Key Steps That Can Help You Diagnose Hashimoto’s and Monitor Your Treatment Progress

For over a decade, I had the symptoms of thyroid disease, but when tested for the “standard, usual biomarker for thyroid disease,” my TSH level, I was always deemed “normal”. I still have a copy of those lab results from 2008, before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. Below the results is a handwritten note from my doctor at the time: “Your thyroid function …

What Are Goitrogens and Do They Matter with Hashimoto’s?

Many people with Hashimoto’s are often given nutrition advice by well-meaning people who intend to help them with their thyroid journey. Unfortunately, not everything you read and hear about supporting the thyroid with nutrition is true — some recommendations are simply myths that can be harmful or unnecessary! One particular myth claims that those with …

Which Protein Is Safe for Hashimoto’s?

Before I received my Hashimoto’s diagnosis, I used to start each day with a protein smoothie. In some ways, this was a very positive habit, but in other ways, it was very much detrimental to my health. Protein is an essential macronutrient and helps us to build up our body to ensure that all vital processes are taking place. Protein is an important …