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What’s really going on in Hypothyroidism?

Did you know that 95% of those that are hypothyroid may actually have Hashimoto's?

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Which Protein Is Safe for Hashimoto’s?

Before I received my Hashimoto’s diagnosis, I used to start each day with a protein smoothie. In some ways, this was a very positive habit; but in other ways, it was very detrimental to my health, and I didn’t even know it. Protein is an essential macronutrient and helps us to build up our body, to ensure that all vital processes are taking place. Protein …

8 Benefits of the Infrared Sauna That Can Reduce Symptoms of Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism

There are common underlying root causes in Hashimoto’s, including nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, an impaired ability to handle stress, intestinal permeability, chronic infections, and an impaired ability to handle toxins. In many cases, a person will have more than just one root cause, and addressing all of these elements can help us feel better. …

Fluoride And Your Thyroid

A few years ago, I visited with family in Poland. At that time, one of my cousins was attending dental school in the European Union. She asked me, “Izabella, is it true that the U.S. government adds fluoride to their water supply, in an effort to reduce dental cavities, instead of educating the public about the effect of sugar consumption and nutrition on …

Thiamine and Thyroid Fatigue

Sometimes we can get stuck on our healing journey. We may be on a seemingly great diet, taking the right supplements, and doing everything in our power to feel better, but we still feel like we’re making no progress. But, many times, we may be one small change away from seeing a huge difference. In my case, I was well on my way to feeling better with …

Periodontitis, A Trigger For Hashimoto’s?

In the world of functional medicine, we often hear that all disease starts in the gut. (This assertion is attributed to Hippocrates, the Greek founder of medicine himself, who lived over 2000 years ago.) When looking for root causes of Hashimoto’s, we often uncover imbalances in the gut, whether it be Candida, SIBO, leaky gut, or other conditions. A few …