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What’s really going on in Hypothyroidism?

Did you know that 95% of those that are hypothyroid may actually have Hashimoto's?

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The Low FODMAP Diet for SIBO, IBS and Hashimoto’s

From my own personal experience with Hashimoto’s, I know that diet and food are one of the best ways that we can address Hashimoto’s symptoms, feel better, and even put the condition into remission. In the early years of my journey toward healing, I tried just about every diet out there in order to feel better… some with better results than …

Which Protein Is Safe for Hashimoto’s?

Before I received my Hashimoto’s diagnosis, I used to start each day with a protein smoothie. In some ways, this was a very positive habit; but in other ways, it was very much detrimental to my health, and I didn’t even know it. Protein is an essential macronutrient and helps us to build up our body to ensure that all vital processes are taking place. …

Hashimoto’s, Blood Sugar, and Diabetes 

Most of us are aware by now that diabetes is a major public health problem, affecting 30.3 million Americans, or as many as 9.4 percent of the general population. But, did you know that diabetes affects up to 30 percent of people with Hashimoto’s? Many autoimmune conditions share a common root cause and can be co-occurring — and diabetes and Hashimoto’s are …

Going Dairy Free to Reverse Hashimoto’s

It started with a chronic cough, burning in my chest, and a choking sensation… I saw my primary care doctor, an allergist, a gastroenterologist, an Ear Nose and Throat doctor. I tried every over-the-counter product possible. I drank gallons of milk trying to soothe the burn. I drank bottles of Mylanta, and always had antacids nearby. I tried Nexium, …

Mold: A Potential Trigger of Hashimoto’s

For many people with Hashimoto’s, the root cause of their hypothyroidism can be linked to dietary triggers. Often times, eliminating problematic foods is key to finding healing and eventual remission. However, there are other toxins that can contribute to the autoimmune response, some of them less obvious than others. One such trigger that we hear about less …

The Best Probiotics for Hashimoto’s

When I was first searching for a healing plan for Hashimoto’s, I learned about the important role of gut health in autoimmune disorders — and how replenishing it with probiotics and fermented foods can help bring gut health back into balance. According to research, every person with an autoimmune disorder has something called intestinal permeability, also …