The Definitive Guide for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause is a groundbreaking manual that will provide the reader with a roadmap to identify and remove the triggers associated with causing thyroid autoimmunity.

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Learn to “Dig - At - It”
Identify The Triggers & Discover Your Root Cause

  • Depletions
  • Digestion
  • Iodine
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Immune
  • Gut
  • Gluten
  • Adrenals
  • Alkaline
  • Triggers
  • Intolerances
  • Toxins

Steps to Recovery

Learn how to utilize Dr. Wentz's DIG-AT-IT approach, a systematic method that helps to identify triggers.

Implement a healing protocol that tackles the triggers.

It is my sincere hope, if you have suffered from fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, weight management, dry skin, depression, muscle aches, and the countless other symptoms, that your life will be changed for the better after implementing the research I've uncovered. It can help you do what most doctors and most clinicians would consider impossible, to put Hashimoto's into remission.

Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharm D.

Book Reviews

Izabella Wentz, a pharmacist, tells of her journey with this disease, but also teaches you who, what, where, when, why, and how of this disease and it's treatment. Having dealt with 13 doctors in 9 years myself, this book CHANGED my life as well as the FB support group that recommended it. If you or someone you know has this disease, you won't get much help from the medical community, you have to be your own advocate. PLEASE, spend the couple of bucks that will enable you to find your food triggers and help yourself. It is SO worth it! Izabella also responds to her emails, and you can make an appointment for a consult with her as well. Good luck to you in your healing process.

Dr. Wentz is so incredibly knowledgeable about Hypothyroidism, especially Hashimoto's. It is all about finding and treating the root cause (underlying cause), and how one get learn to do this. Such a complex autoimmune condition, but explained in such an easily understandable way. If a person with this autoimmune condition really and truly wants to recover, and learn how to live a productive, happy, and peaceful life, this book is a must. I don't think I could have learned as much as I have, had I not read this doctor's book. She is a true advocate for patients. It is an excellent and valuable resource to read, and all levels in the development and intervention of Hashimoto's. I think I will be able to learn much, and help others too, by continually referring to specific instructions and explanations now. I have learned an incredible amount of information, and have even taken notes. I have shared information about this with those that I know, like why one can still gain weight, what tests are best, and even why this disease is often misdiagnosed. It's one of those books where one can keep it, re-read it, and use it always as an invaluable resource. That is exactly what I plan to do with it too!

HASHIMOTO'S THYROIDITIS: LIFESTYLE INTERVENTIONS FOR FINDING AND TREATING THE ROOT CAUSE brings together the most up-to-date and helpful research and information available on Hashimoto's Disease.

I was diagnosed at the beginning of 2011, at the age of 23. Since then, I've spent hours upon hours, researching everything I could find online related to this disease. I was determined to beat my disease if at all possible! I've read the Stop The Thyroid Madness site, Mary Shamon's thyroid-info website, Dr. Alexander Haskell's book, Dr. Datiz Kharrazian's book and his diet recommendations, read what Jack Kruse has to say... I've looked into the GAPS diet, the paleo diet, the autoimmune paleo diet, and researched intestinal permeability and how to heal it. I've searched high and low to find success stories of other patients who have successfully put their Hashimoto's into remission. Eventually, I found the Hashimotos 411 FB group and found a bunch of other people who had done their research as well and were on a good path of healing as a result.

My point: I spent TWO YEARS and HOURS to find all the info present in this book. Back then, I searched to find such a book, and none was available. Much of this info wasn't even "out there" a couple years ago. I kept waiting for something to be missing from this book, but no, it was all there. Every related topic was covered with conciseness, thoroughness, and detail. If you have Hashimoto's, don't feel well, want to feel better, and don't know where to start, I highly suggest you buy this book. It will save you a ton of time, and if you implement what you learn, it will quicken your healing journey. And for those of you who are already healing, it's still an amazing reference manual to have. Even if just to give valid  ation that you really are on the right path! I'm so thrilled to have this book, it still seems too good to be true! :)

I would suggest though, if there is ever a second printing, and an updated version, that the author include more advice/info on finding a good functional/integrative/holistic Dr. to work with, which testing is available and from which labs, how to navigate testing solo or with your Dr., etc. The book is already so packed and full of thorough information on everything else though, that I know it would have taken up a lot more room to do so.

I can see how maybe someone just getting diagnosed and with no background on all of this might be a little bit intimidated and not know where to start as far as implementing the advice and knowledge , unless they have a self-driven and self-starter personality/temperament. Knowledge is power, and is the first step. After that, the rest will come through research and talking to the right people online.

I am not usually one to gush in reviews but I have to say, that Izabella and Dr Nowosadzka have done some incredible work compiling and analyzing ALL and I mean ALL of the information you need if you are on the path of suffering from an auto-immune condition. If you are living less than a full life and are motivated to do the work to change it, there is so much information in here that I am carrying it with me everywhere I go. Just implementing 2 of the hundreds of suggestions that are expertly laid out in this book, has already had a major impact. I am not needing a nap after meals! I am actually getting ready to go see a doctor and I am ready to ask the questions I need to get me to a symptom free existence. At the very least of all that is offered here is hope for long time sufferers like myself. The fact that life beyond sheer exhaustion and frustration is possible and is incredible. I am so impressed with not only how the information is laid out but how easy it reads. The fact that Izabella is a pharmacist, lends so much clarity to such a dense, overwhelming, and daunting experience of getting to the bottom of hypothyroid and arrest autoimmune attacks. If you are suffering, get this book. You will not regret it.

I am a bookworm. I devour books. I am also a thyroid patient and advocate, so you bet I've read a lot of thyroid related books. I applaud Izabella for creating a book that empowers Hashimoto's sufferers to take control of their health. The lack of awareness about thyroid conditions is pervasive and patients struggle an uphill battle for proper diagnosis and treatment. There are Hashimoto's sufferers that go years without ever receiving a diagnosis and then when they finally receive their diagnosis the potential underlying causes of their autoimmune condition are overlooked. Bravo Izabella. You have given your readers power to live well despite Hashimoto's.

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